At first, I was scared to death for this e-book.  After a “proactive” week, I just didn’t know what the finished product would look like.  But in the end, I really enjoyed this installment for two reasons: first, it actually turned out pretty well.  Secondly, I feel this entire e-book—especially the D-Day section from Friday—is amazing simply for being written.  I don’t know how the other golf writer’s do it at this event.  The distractions and temptations are unparalleled with the rest of the season, and after sleeping in my tent and sleeping in my car all week, the last day of writing was by far my most challenging task yet.  In fact, I’d say the entire week was a writing marathon, and I can’t stop laughing at my approach to Friday, February 26th—I hope you enjoy it too. 

Well, with that said, I give you the highlights:

1.       My fragile relationship with security

2.       Talking with Charlie Hoffman

3.       Meeting Larry from Waste Management, who was on “Undercover Boss”

4.       My creative writing “D-Day” experience on Friday, spending 5+ hours on 16

5.       Meeting up with ASU students and partying the night away

You can purchase the e-book here.  Cheers.



03/19/2015 05:12

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08/17/2017 08:01

Actually, I haven't read this book yet. Even my friends are still clueless about this book that's why I came across your blog so we can have an overview before deciding of reading this book. According to what I've read, I assumed that this book is not within my interest. I thought it was something about the golf which os where I am interested that. But if I will have a free time, I'll try to read this book!


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