While I’ve always known that the Honda Classic is just one of those tournaments that’s been a staple on the PGA Tour for years and years, one thing I didn’t know was how difficult the course is.  Everyone knows about the Bear Trap on 15, 16, and 17, but then there are holes like 6 and 11 that yielded bogeys, doubles, and higher for players all week.  With a lot of wind—which is just what happened this week—this course is “dangerous.”  Winner Camilo Villegas said that himself.

Aside from the course, the mere fact that I was able to drive from Phoenix and make it in time to catch all the action still amazes me.  No wonder people fly.

Here are the highlights:

1.       John Feinstein stealing my seat

2.       Meeting Mrs. Klauk and providing input for “Klauk’s Clan” t-shirts

3.       Meeting up with Candace Clark again, and finally meeting Tim

4.       The burger run for Tim Clark on Friday

5.       Pulling Alex Cejka aside and finally getting to ask Justin Rose a question I’ve wanted to ask him since Turning Stone last year

You can purchase the e-book here, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Honda Classic is a golf competition held in South Florida. It was founded 4 decades ago. Several international gold players also compete in the competition together with the other American professional golf players. The prizes in the competition are a huge amount of cash and a golden trophy. However, throughout the history of the competition American players often win every season. Only a few number of international players from other countries had a chance to win.


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