Just like a good game plan when heading to the driving range, I realized recently that I’ve reached a point on the road when I need to have more of a game plan each time I attack the golf course.  For the first 10 events or so, everything was so new that I couldn’t help but have an endless number of things to write about.  But now that I’m seeing how much of a routine each week is for most of the people involved, I too need more of a game plan. 

Players seem bored by their fourth interview outside of the scoring trailer.  Sometimes they even seem impatient or bored during their first.  Media people sit in the tent playing Sudoku or browsing the internet all day, watching golf on television when it’s just outside their door.  The colloquial round-table-esque questions produced by senior golf writers to professionals in the interview rooms are even getting on my nerves, believe it or not.  While the courses may change each week, nothing seems to change for these people.

I’m still wowed by a lot of what goes on each week, so don’t get me wrong.  But I’ve found that when I have at least one definitive task that needs to be accomplished during the day—such as when I’m handed a freelance assignment or Bob requests that I get him some quotes—my entire day becomes more focused. 

So what am I getting at? I would like suggestions from you guys.  Is there a player you’d like me to try and interview? Something you’d like me to do, like yell something at Rory Sabbatini? I can continue to observe things the way I always have, but having just one necessary task each day really helps me out.  It keeps me on edge, and I like it.

So let me know.  Instead of (God forbid) someday just trying to guess and see what people want to read about, why not have you guys let me know?

Take care everyone.  Cheers.


03/29/2010 13:20

I'd like if you could get some actual interviews from the commentators, even though I think it would be difficult to do: Baker-Finch, Feherty, McCord, etc.

You know a lot of the players will give you canned answers regardless of what questions you ask unless you give a specific one like the pre-shot swing routine with Rose. But that means you'd have to learn something unique about a player which would take a lot of time, which you do seem to have on the course these days.

However, if I had to choose a player, I'd go with one of the hot LPGA golfers. Why not skip a PGA event one week and attend an LPGA one? Possibly during the British Open since I doubt your car floats?

My list:
Erica Blasberg, Anna Rawson or Natalie Gulbis.

Now get to work and make it happen!

03/29/2010 13:24

Damn! The LPGA takes men's Major weekends off!

03/17/2015 05:51

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