I haven’t really advertised this, mainly because Amazon takes a major chunk of an already tiny pie, but I’ve been publishing on Amazon Kindle in addition to this website.  As of this writing, I’ve actually had one of my e-books “refunded.” 

The reason why this frustrates me is that I put such a premium on quality and good content.  I suppose “good content” is subjective, but I still think “quality” is important, with a clean, organized look to my finished products.

With Kindle, uploading one of my e-books is finicky, because formatting the e-book so it actually looks presentable to people is tough.  Loading the content is slow, and then when I find a mistake, I have to reload it again, rinse and repeat style, until I get the finished product the way I want it.  Due to the limited time I have now with traveling and writing and whatever else, I’ve gotten to the point where I just upload the document to Kindle without really giving a rats ass as to what the finished product looks like.  So, when I saw the “refund,” that frustrated me, because I knew it was my own fault. 

But, because I don’t really have the time to spend an extra hour making sure the formatting is perfect, I guess I thought I’d take a survey before I just stop publishing on Amazon or make more of an effort to format: is Kindle worth it? How do you guys read my e-books? Is there a better format that I should use?

I don’t want downloading / reading my e-books to be an issue, but I also don’t want to focus on something like Kindle when nobody really cares anyway.  So let me know.  Again, I hate half-assed efforts, but unfortunately the combination of difficult formatting and limited time has almost forced me to just upload it and move on.

Take care all.


English Dave
03/12/2010 00:17

I read it all on the pdf, old pal, either on screen or printed off to take away with me. I don't own a Kindle and can't really see the attraction, so don't feel as if you need to do it for me. What you're doing at the moment is just fine - it passes several hours very nicely indeed. Yes, I'm a slow reader, what of it? I'm easily distracted and keep thinking about other things in the middle of pages.

But anyway, I've enjoyed everything you've done so far. It's great. I almost feel like I was right there alongside you a lot of the time. Keep on keeping on, champ. It's a long road but it will be wholly worthwhile when you look back on it.

Take care,


03/12/2010 05:54

It all depends on the amount of interest you have with the kindle users. Is it a significant portion of your sales/revenue? If it is, then it would be best to keep it. However, if the revenue stream from that application is small, and you're feel that the payout is easily outweighed by the time spent providing it, then you should consider canning the kindle.

Here's an idea if you don't want to give it up completely: Why not delay the kindle uploads on e-books when your time between events is crunched? Like the Phoenix to Palm Beach trek? You would still release your e-books via Google at the usual times, but push back the formatting of your work for the kindle application when you have more time; like this week's siesta between the Honda/Doral where you have almost zero driving?

03/13/2010 04:41

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment guys. Some good thoughts there.

09/22/2016 06:31

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10/20/2016 02:51

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