The first two are from my drive on 101-N from Los Angeles to Salinas.  The rest you can probably figure out.  Stories to follow, of course, but the sunny photos below are from my newfound love: Spyglass Hill Golf Course.  


02/11/2010 15:23

Wow, that is amazing. The course looks fantastic, those 1st 2 pictures almost look fake. Those rolling green hills in the background look beautiful, but I thought at first it was photoshopped they were so green and lush. Unreal, thanks for posting those.

02/11/2010 17:02

No problem. Glad you liked them. Yeah, those hills on the 101 were unbelievable...I stopped twice on the way up on the side of the road just to get a few pictures and prove I wasn't dreaming.

03/16/2015 06:10

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