While I was following Steve Stricker in the pro-am today, an absolutely ridiculous idea hit me: could I caddie in the pro-am each week?

I’ve caddied in a couple of pro-ams before, and I have to say, they are just about the easiest loop you can get.  The amateur’s are just happy to be playing, and normally they’re asking the professional in the group for most of the yardages, most of the reads on the greens, and gravitate toward the professional for many of the conversations.  So basically, you’re just walking and carrying the bag, and provided with only a few rare moments to showcase any of your caddying talent.  Personally, when I was in my “hey-day” and caddying full time, I thought caddying in a pro-am was kind of a joke.

Plus, after training caddies and spending a day each week just driving out onto golf courses to critique the loopers and give the Caddie Manager’s reports about what was going on, I guess I’ve developed a super-critical eye.  So many of the things I saw the caddies doing today annoyed the living crap out of me.  

Estimated yardages.  Walking slowly and lagging behind, so the players had to wait.  Standing in sightlines on the greens.  Noisy clubs.  

These are the things that readily come to mind.  But I really can’t take it too hard on these young lads.  It’s not like they were trained, and they’re probably just as happy as the players to be walking the golf course.

But then it hit me: could I caddie in the pro-am each week? It would certainly help to put a few extra bucks in my pocket to keep me going.  It would give me a detailed look at the golf course.  I could write an old-school Jam Boy post about the experience, and that would help me get the writing juices flowing prior to the e-book composition during the tournament days.  I mean sure, I’d pretty much be working double-duty, but it might just be crazy enough to work.

I asked one of the caddies today how he got into it, and he just said that a friend of his is great friends with the Starter here at Riviera.  Well, perhaps I need to make a few phone calls / send a few e-mails and track down the decision-maker at each course.  Maybe with a little homework, I can get out there too.

I still have to think about this, because so much of my schedule is up in the air right now, and there are times—as with my experience in the tent—where I might not be able to work a loop into my day, for reasons other writers probably don’t have to put up with.  But I think it’s a good idea, and one that is certainly worth pursuing.

But I hope everyone is doing well.  I’ll check back soon.


02/06/2010 11:30

That would be fantastic, a cross between your current blog and your caddy blog. It would no doubt be highly entertaining for you as well, especially on the West Coast swing with so many celebrities. I hope you find a way to make it work...

02/06/2010 12:09

I just called Pebble...and although it was nostalgic to find that they use a caddie company that my previous employer used to compete with...He said that right now none of their caddies are getting work, and so it's highly unlikely that they would have a spot for me, given the fact that they'd rather give work to one of their own guys first.

So although it's not the end of the road, I think unless I can find someone playing in the AT&T Pro-am that needs a caddie, it's looking grim.

But like I said...I'm just going to keep looking. I think I'm going to try to find Bill Murray's e-mail address and send him something just for the hell of it. I'd look for someone else, but he's the only one I know for sure plays in that event each year.

04/05/2015 23:02

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