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Winter taunts me outside the house.
I almost don't know where to begin.  I have a little over a month to plan out my trip, make the necessary changes to my car, organize my clothing, research and prepare a "healthy" and efficient eating schedule, and whatever else I can think of to help me last for nine months on the road.  At this point, some of the Fall Series events--such as the Turning Stone Resort Championships-- have either been moved around to a different date for 2010 or haven't been scheduled, so my list ends with the Tour Championship on September 26, 2010.  As of right now, that is where my road trip will stop.  

I figure this way, at the very least, the end of the FedEx cup will finally be exciting for me.

I'm still finalizing my itinerary, and although I want to keep my schedule open, I have a feeling that in addition to a very strict eating regimen, I'm going to have to time my drives perfectly so I can maximize my stay at each event and get to see as much of the local color as possible.  

Right now, I'm planning on taking out the front passenger seat and installing some sort of wooden box that will be able to fit a cooler and a few other necessary items, as well as provide a surface to use as part of my bed.  I also want to install a small custom dresser in the trunk, so I can try to minimize the amount of ironing I'll have to do, as well as free up a bag for those rare hotel stays or other excursions throughout the trip.  Fortunately for me, my brother is a natural carpenter, and said my requests would be "simple" to complete.
I have also considered learning to cut my own hair.  I suppose stopping to get a haircut is about as complex as stopping to get an oil change, but I figure being able to do both of these things on my own will only help me move more quickly next year.

Even though this whole planning part of the process is really annoying and time consuming, I know it will pay dividends later.  I’m already solving some issues that would’ve completely sucked if it had happened while I was alone on the road—like even though the Accenture Match Play is in Marana, AZ, I’ll have to base myself out of Tucson because it looks like the golf course in Marana is just about the only sign of civilization for miles.  

Then again, arriving in Marana unprepared and wondering how I would survive for the week without sucking the fluids out of lizards would’ve given me some great writing opportunities.  But I’m sure I’ll run into plenty of hardships anyway, regardless of how much I plan.

Take care all. 



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