What a great event.  The mix of amateurs and professionals, the perfect weather, and sleeping in my car with peanut butter and jelly feasts each day certainly added to the experience.  I tried to simulate what life would be like on the road for next year, which included a fun truck-stop shower on the last night of my stint.  But it was all worth it, and I feel I achieved my goal for this edition because I know I caught some things out there the regular media types could not.

Here are some of the highlights:

1.       The Hulk Hogan story and five hours with a total stranger

2.       Meeting Chris DiMarco

3.       Nine holes of agony with Rocco Mediate

4.       Sleeping in my car and sketchy truck-stop vagrants

Your support is greatly appreciated.  I’m trying to put a lot of work into my car to prepare for next year, and I’m horrible at negotiating with car mechanics.  And, as always, your feedback helps to shape my writing and keeps me company, so please feel free to contact me.

My next event will not be until mid-January in 2010, where I will be attending either the Bob Hope Classic or the San Diego Invitational, depending on media credentials. 

Here’s to a fun and productive year.



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