What a great event.  The mix of amateurs and professionals, the perfect weather, and sleeping in my car with peanut butter and jelly feasts each day certainly added to the experience.  I tried to simulate what life would be like on the road for next year, which included a fun truck-stop shower on the last night of my stint.  But it was all worth it, and I feel I achieved my goal for this edition because I know I caught some things out there the regular media types could not.

Here are some of the highlights:

1.       The Hulk Hogan story and five hours with a total stranger

2.       Meeting Chris DiMarco

3.       Nine holes of agony with Rocco Mediate

4.       Sleeping in my car and sketchy truck-stop vagrants

Your support is greatly appreciated.  I’m trying to put a lot of work into my car to prepare for next year, and I’m horrible at negotiating with car mechanics.  And, as always, your feedback helps to shape my writing and keeps me company, so please feel free to contact me.

My next event will not be until mid-January in 2010, where I will be attending either the Bob Hope Classic or the San Diego Invitational, depending on media credentials. 

Here’s to a fun and productive year.

It feels like I’m climbing up a mountain of writing these days.  It’s just non-stop.  Preparations for following the PGA Tour in 2010 is challenging enough, but then you throw in my goals for finishing a complete draft of my book as well and all hell seems to break loose.  But it feels great to be writing this much and working towards something I truly want.

Well, here it is: the first e-book.  Covering the Turning Stone Resort Championship was quite an ordeal, not only because of the harsh weather conditions, but also because I really wasn’t in the kind of physical shape I needed to be to last for…seven…days…

Here are some of the highlights:

1.       Getting to ask Adam Scott some questions in the Interview Room

2.       Sneaking into the Golf Channel compound and interviewing those “putting line” guys

3.       Meeting the most annoying golf writer in the world

4.       Cheering louder than Vaughn Taylor’s girlfriend during the playoff

It was an eye-opening experience, and it gave me a great feel for what my life on tour might be like next year.  As this e-book is my first attempt, I would greatly appreciate your comments and feedback so that I can keep working to improve the content for each issue and create a better plan of attack for each week on tour.

My next event will be the Children’s Miracle Network Classic from November 12th-15th, and that means the next e-book will be available for purchase on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009.

I look forward to hearing from everyone as I get this little project fired up.